Fundraising Ideas
All of our school products are designed to help schools fundraise. If you are taking part in the Christmas cards fundraiser then you will receive 15% of your school's profits. So the better you promote the Christmas cards the more you can get back! We provide a promotional pack which includes posters and sample cards. The posters can be put onto noticeboards around school and in classrooms to help raise awareness and to let parents know what benefits the school can gain by taking part.

All of our other products work by you creating the designs and working with us to produce something you would like to sell. The school purchases the books or notepads from us and then resell these at a price that the school is happy with. Again promotion is key to success and we can help you with any ideas, this will ensure that you maximise the school's profit made.

Total Knockout Ltd

Products for school fundraising.

Alex Hucks

The Paragon School

"The Paragon School has used Total Knockout now for over 5 years and every Christmas I am impressed with the speed and quality of the cards they produce. The parents really enjoy seeing the children's artwork on the cards and the image quality is excellent. Jacqui is always helpful and the website is easy to use."

Annie Nelson

Conifers School

"I would be delighted to recommend TKO, you not only go the extra miles to accommodate us! Even as far as helping with the reproduction of work. You are totally professional, friendly and a real pleasure to deal with."

To view and download promotional material, design tips, ideas and co-ordinators instructions for this years Christmas card fundraiser follow the link below:

We will help you promote any product you are selling by providing full support! 

Christmas Cards


Our Christmas card fundraiser is our most popular fundraiser with schools. Schools can earn large amounts if the cards are promoted effectively. Promotion is the key to success with all of the fundraising ideas. To find out all of the details about this fundraiser follow this link.

School Cookbook


Our school cook book is another popular fundraising idea. This works by getting pupils to submit their favourite recipes. It could be Nan's famous fudge or Uncle Steve's ribs. If the children get involved they take ownership of the cookbook and this means it becomes their own. Once all the recipes are submitted we collate everything and produce an incredibly high quality cookbook which the school can then sell. We have found that this cookbook sells very well at summer fairs and other school events. 

To find out more follow this link.


School Leavers Book


The school leavers book is perfect for year 6 pupils who are leaving their primary school and heading onto their next big adventures! This book can be designed in any way you can imagine, we will work with you to produce something you want to give to your pupils to help them remember their time at their primary school. To find out more head to this link.


Class Notepad


Our class notepad is a combination of children's artistic talent and memories. This notepad is something children will look back on and remember people in their class, as well as most probably laughing at the drawing of themselves! This works by getting every pupil in the class to draw a head and shoulders portrait of themselves. We then take all of the images and scan them in to produce this notepad which can be sold for a profit if the school wishes. To find out more follow this link.

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Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about any of our products. We will be more than happy to help you and provide relevant support if you are struggling to promote anything.