Design Your Own Cook Book

How It Works:

This unique concept will get the children cooking and choosing their favourite recipes. It's great to get the schools cooks involved too as they provide healthy meals for our children on a daily basis.

It's simple, just collect some favourite recipes that the children enjoy and start having some fun.

The cookbook has a wire bound spine and is printed in black and white with colour front and back cover designed by the school. The front and back covers are laminated for firmness. Each book is bespoke and as such we need to discuss this with the co-ordinator of the project. There is the option to have coloured dividers for each section of the book and comes standard with a measurement and conversion table page. A minimum order of 50 books is required with additional orders being taken when needed, meaning there is no unwanted stock kept. A 50% deposit is required when placing an order.


What The School/ Co-ordinator Is Responsible For:

  • Collecting recipes
  • Supply all recipes are on a DVD and in the same word document format
  • Ensure we have a copy of the school logo which will appear on the back cover
  • Ensure we have a front cover design unless requested by you for us to design
  • Discuss with TKO the format of the inside of the book 


What TKO Is Responsible For:

  • Discuss all requirements with school to ensure understanding of needs
  • Prepare draft version of cookbook for proof reading by co-ordinator
  • Agree delivery dates and address
  • Discussion of final price
  • Cookbook On The Chopping Board
  • Cookbook On The Chopping Board
  • Onions, broccoli, peppers and tomatos waiting to be chopped on the chopping board.
  • Baking Ingredients Ready To Be Used
  • Baking Ingredients, four, eggs and milk ready to make cupcakes.
  • Cracking An Egg
  • Pouring Out The Caster Sugar
  • Total Knockout School Cookbook
  • Sifting The Caster Sugar
  • Total Knockout Cookbook In Use
  • Granny's Fudge