Design A Class Notepad

How It Works:

Each A5 / A6 notepad has 50 white pages with black drawings on. The top spine is glued with a backing board. A5 pads are designed for classes while A6 are designed for an individual child and has only one drawing on.


What The School/Co-ordinator Is Responsible For:

  • Let the children draw pictures of themselves on the pre- designed sheet as supplied by TKO
  • Ensure each child's name is clearly printed above each drawing
  • Discuss layout and number of children per notepad with TKO 
  • Agree delivery dates with TKO
  • Supply school logo for printing on notepad header


What TKO is responsible for:

  • Agree delivery dates and layout with school
  • Supply PDF proof of layout of notepad via email
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Perfect for placing next to the phone, personalised by each child for Mum & Dad.

These notepads are designed for the parent who would like their own child's face printed on a smaller notepad and used next to the telephone. All that is required is a sketch (face only) of the child and their name will appear printed on the notepad.

These are printed in black and white with 50 sheets per book available.

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  • Close Up Of Our Class Notepad
  • The Class Notepad
  • Doodles On The Notepad
  • Our notepads are extremely high quality and come with a thick card backing to support the pad
  • Side view of the 50 page notepad
  • Using one of our notepads to jot down some notes whilst working at the office.